Thursday, September 26, 2019

Church Picnic

Sunday was our annual church picnic, which is one of our favorite weeks of the entire year!  After church, we all make our way down Main Street to the local park.  We pull out our lawn chairs, whip up our best dishes, and enjoy some good, old-fashioned, Baptist fellowship.

Eli doesn't have a lot of boys at church who are his age, but he found a buddy he knew from school and quickly started a game of football followed by a game of basketball, followed by any sport they could think to play.

Ellie basically lived her very best life on the playground while Eric and I lived our best life eating all the food.  If you've lurked around this blog for long, you know that our church family is just like real family.  Traditions like this one make us so grateful for this amazing group of people and our little Mayberry.

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