Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fal Festival

Friday was our First Fall Festival at the new school.  We obviously had never been before but were warned that parking can get a little crazy.  We decided to leave my car at the office and have Eric pick us up for dinner so that he could park his truck in the grass if it was crowded when we got back. 

As we were walking out to meet him, we noticed the fun signs and decided to snap a few pictures before heading out to eat.  We decided on Mexican and enjoyed a delicious meal before making it back to the school for all the fun!

Eli pretty much ditched us as soon as we got there so that he could run around with his buddies, but Ellie wasn't afraid to be seen with us. We had a blast walking through the school, playing games, getting her face painted, selecting the perfect nail color and eventually a hair dye to compliment the look.

We were super excited to find out that she has excellent aim and we could possibly have another littler baller on our hands.  Doubtful, but I will say that we were impressed with her "underhanded skills."  

When we had all the fun that we could enjoy, we met up with Eli and headed home for the night.  Even though the daytime temperatures here still feel like summer, the overnight temperatures are very fall-like, so we took full advantage and watched a movie out on our back porch.

It made us all ready to enjoy the cooler temperatures!

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