Thursday, October 3, 2019


Can we talk about oral hygiene for a moment? About a year or so ago, I took the kids to the dentist and they each had several cavities. Ugh! Long story short, it was from gummies that hid themselves between teeth. The good news is that in each of our visits since that awful day, they've both had a clean bill of health.  The bad news is that we still have to fix all the damage, which is what we've been dealing with all week.

To top it all off, we discovered that they are both missing teeth. Eli is missing five permanent teeth and Ellie is missing two of them. Fun Watson is Eric! You would never know this because of amazing dental work in his teen years, so I'm not too worried about out kids.

Anyway, before we could have more work done, we had to go see the orthodontist for a game plan for Eli.  We are very fortunate that he is missing teeth, otherwise he would need several pulled.  Crisis adverted, at least for now.

For anyone, this is not a good thing. For Eli, this is a TERRIBLE thing because he has some major phobias of the dentist. Bless him.  He had a well visit, a cavity filling to correct one from last year and then the trip to the orthodontist. It was a tough time in his life.

Ellie also had to have one cavity filled from last year, but she was champ.  We don't go back to the dentist until our well visit in March, and I think we are all ok with that!!

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