Thursday, May 28, 2020

Kicking Off Summer

Remember two months ago when I said that I was going to be a better blogger?  We can all take a short moment to chuckle at that one. Actually, a lot has happened since then.  We sold our house, moved into an apartment, worked lots and lots of crazy hours and somehow managed to homeschool the kids.

It's been a weird season.  Not a bad season, but one that's unique.  As I'm writing this, the world is starting to reopen.  Our kids have gotten to visit with family for the first time in months, we're able to sit down inside restaurants, and there's a since of normalcy about our lives. There's been a lot of life lived and a lot of lessons learned throughout the course of this pandemic and I hope we won't soon forget them.

Memorial Day is, of course, the unofficial start to summer and this year I think it was more welcomed than ever before.  We all needed a figurative and literal transition into a new season!

Our original plan for the holiday weekend was to go visit Eric's family in Marion, but it was supposed to rain every day.  We decided that we didn't want to deal with that since we'd have the dog, so we invited Nan and Grandad up to see the progress on the house.  

The kids went home with Nan and Grandad for the week, so when we woke up to unexpected sunshine on Monday, we decided to take full advantage and head to a small lake not far from the house.  Eric fixed up a little John boat last year, and it's the perfect size lake for putting around.  He fished, I read, we talked and laid out.  It was fabulous!

It was the perfect little day date! We enjoyed relaxing and having time together. The pools here in Kentucky are still closed, so I see a lot of weekend trips to the lake until that changes.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to a summer filled with family fun and simplicity.

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