Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Terrible Misuderstanding

Does life ever hand you a big does of humility?  Of course it does!  We've all fallen in front of someone we're trying to impress, sent the wrong text to the wrong person, or generally made a fool of ourselves, and while it's painful, it's those experiences that keep us grounded and help us grow. 

I need to spill the beans about one those lessons in my own life, so grab a seat and enjoy the show.  I'm sure you recall my post last week about maternity leave.  Actually, if we're being was my last post.  In any case, I shared my thoughts on "losing" my maternity leave benefits.  I should have sorted through my emotions before making the decision to write.  Maybe next time I'll heed this advice.     

As it stands, I made that last post in the midst of raw emotions.  (Ironically, I'm doing a Bible study by that same title)   What I didn't realize was that I wasn't "losing" my maternity leave.  I had been mistaken in the first place and was just finding out. 

You see, when I told my work I was pregnant back in July they asked how long I needed off.  I asked for six weeks.  A few days later, I was told that it was taken care of.  I wrongly assumed that we were referring to being paid.  We weren't. What I know now is that company police honors FMLA regulations, but does not pay for time off. As many of you Mommas out there know, this is standard.  For goodness sake, I didn't get paid for my time off with Eli either.  I guess, I was just more prepared?  Anyway, this time around I knew I had four weeks banked, so I assumed the other two were being handled for a total of six weeks paid maternity leave. 

You should never assume anything. 

When I found out this past Wednesday that only four weeks were being paid for, I took it personally and assumed (there's that dreaded word) that I had been mislead back in July.  In actuality, I was the one mistaken all along.  

Ya'll, I worried, cried, stewed, and became bitter over something that was an error on my end to begin with. Yesterday I realized this and felt horrible.  I spent a lot of time in prayer about my attitude, my reaction, and my approach in moving forward.  However, it wasn't until today that I got a heaping dose of humility.  

You see, despite my poor attitude, words and actions this past week, my work has graciously agreed to make an exception to company policy by paying me for the last two weeks of my maternity leave.  That's right!  I now have SIX PAID weeks home with my sweet baby girl!  There are no words to express my gratitude to my station.  This will allow me time to heal from surgery, bond with my daughter, and to adjust to life with two babies.   

So, here comes the humility know... where I swallow past that big lump in my throat.  I am sorry to all of you who regularly read this blog.  I should be more discerning in what I put on here.  I want this to be a place where you can come to be encouraged and not torn down.  I want you to laugh at this daily glimpse into complete chaos and take comfort in knowing that you're not alone in this thing called motherhood.  I will be more attentive to that goal in the future.

Here's the biggie...I need to apologize to my station and my coworkers.  I will admit with all honesty that I was the one mistaken on our maternity leave policy...not you.  I am sorry for the confusion and my poor reaction thereafter.  It is such a blessing to work in a field that I truly love.  I had a very bad lapse in judgment last week.  Thank you for loving me despite this fact and for making my job a true joy.

Speaking of joy, here are a few reasons I LOVE my career path.  You might even remember some of these posts from the past three years.  If you haven't read should!  

1. I Get To Ride In Christms Parades:

2. I Get To Interview Famous Athletes: 

3. I Get To Meet All Our Viewers: 

4. I Get To Help Children Realize Their Dream Of Working In Television:

5. I Get To Go Hot Rod: 

6. I Get To Help Take A Stand

7. I Get To Let My Kids Tag Along To Run Events:

Maybe next time I should reread  about some of these blessed experience before I jump the gun and need a big dose of humility.  

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